Phoebe is a designer, friend and gemini working and playing in Portland, OR.
Her practice reflects her love for people, appreciation for imperfection and fascination with all things retro. She creates with inclusivity and connection in mind, allowing humor and curiosity to guide her approach. She also has decent handwriting. 


    1. Baking With Depression
    2. Launch Party
    3. Fresh: Coming Soon
    4. Be Honest
    5. Business Casual
    6. The Palms Motel
    7. UHC Design



My senior thesis project, Baking With Depression, is a cookbook that explores crisis response through dessert. I was inspired by my personal experience during the pandemic and a curiosity about how our collective habits might be reflected in another challenging time in history; the Great Depression.

I was heavily influenced by vintage recipe photos (like, they are so unappetizing but I can’t look away), so I replicated the photostyling and editing of retro food photography. This cookbook also integrates a vintage aesthetic through type hierarchy and layout, while still remaining attractive to the modern eye.  

The recipe copy takes on a relatable tone through cheeky, stream-of-consciousness instructions, so it feels like a friend is helping you in the kitchen. 

Check out a PDF version of the book here.