Phoebe is a designer, friend and gemini working and playing in Portland, OR.
Her practice reflects her love for people, appreciation for imperfection and fascination with all things retro. She creates with inclusivity and connection in mind, allowing humor and curiosity to guide her approach. She also has decent handwriting. 


    1. Baking With Depression
    2. Launch Party
    3. Fresh: Coming Soon
    4. Be Honest
    5. Business Casual
    6. The Palms Motel
    7. UHC Design



TEAM: Nia Musiba and Macy Eiesland

The Palms Motel is somewhat of a Portland icon, known for it’s wild neon sign and one-star yelp reviews. Our imaginary rebrand puts a modern and luxurious twist on the traditional resort aesthetic and makes it the ideal destination for tourists and stay-cationers alike. We gave the brand guide it’s own personality by replicating a vintage travel brochure. 

With interchangeable logos and color schemes, the brand takes on a different tone for day and night. 

Deliverables include postcards and stamps so you can send your friends a letter and make them jealous of your staycation. Collaborations with Portland businesses like Stumptown Coffee and the classic enighborhood bar, The Alibi, bring a local flair to the vacation aesthetic.