Phoebe is a designer, friend and gemini working and playing in Portland, OR.
Her practice reflects her love for people, appreciation for imperfection and fascination with all things retro. She creates with inclusivity and connection in mind, allowing humor and curiosity to guide her approach. She also has decent handwriting. 


    1. Baking With Depression
    2. Launch Party
    3. Fresh: Coming Soon
    4. Be Honest
    5. Business Casual
    6. The Palms Motel
    7. UHC Design



ART DIRECTION: Monday Miller
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Shannon Steed and Macy Eiesland
OTHER DESIGNERS: Luke Stasica, Jaq Boden, Quinn Carroll, Marisa Hayase, Gage Murrey, Mckinsey Carroll, Brandy Anderson, Peter Nguyen, Isabella Medina, Casey Litchfield

Inspired by the excitement for the first in-person Be Honest since 2019 and the feelings of hope and optimism, I introduced the theme of Summer Camp for this years showcase. Summer camp embodies happiness, warmth, community, making new friends, and a touch of nostalgia for simpler times. With lots of help from our design team, the brand came to life and on May 6th, hundreds of students, family, friends and alumni came together again for a night worth writing home about.

I created a logo set and alphabet from cut paper to emulate playfulness and naivety of summer camp. 

Deliverables were created thoughtfully to reflect the camp theme. Promos include postcards to use to write home, patches and a save-the-date cootie catcher.

Our social media campaign utilized the paper-cut flowers and custom font, along with assets from our team photoshoot (posts created by Shannon Steed).

Experiential design elements included rotating camp wall projections, trail signs and paper mache flowers.